Concept Management’s IT and printer recycling service covers the collection of all quantities of printer and photocopying equipment including large format printers, plotters and scanners.

Printers and photocopiers record each document printed or photocopied in their memory; This could include sensitive data. When disposing printers at the end of their working life, you need to ensure that your disposal partner will erase or shred the electronic data on your asset to protect your company’s brand and confidential data.

It is absolutely essential that the ICO’s guidelines are adhered and the HDDs within these devices are completely erased using CESG Approved Software or physically destroyed.

Our Computer Printer disposal and recycling printers service also covers the collection of all spent toner and Ink cartridges. In the UK alone, the printer recycle market means that more than 30 million inkjet cartridges are disposed of per year. Concept Management’s stringent zero percent Land Fill Policy means our printer disposal service ensures all spent ink and toner cartridges are recycled in environmentally friendly manner.

Computer printer disposal is an essential part of the WEEE recycling solution. Plastic gases, and other similar products are used for the production of modern electronics including printers. Lead is one example of harmful content that is used for electronics manufacturing and one that poses a huge threat to the health of anyone exposed to this element. Furthermore, if we don’t perform computer printer recycling, it means we are dumping these e-wastes into landfills can result in harmful chemicals being released into the air, which are then inhaled by those who live close to landfill sites causing serious danger to their health. Printer and toner recycling can help reduce the impact e-waste has on the environment and to those that live nearby.

Computer printer disposal is a specialist skill that needs to be performed by an accredited recycling company to ensure the electrical waste recycling meets and exceeds EU Standards and work within ISO: 14001 Environmental Standard. When we recycle printers, electronic waste recycling breaks equipment and components down to their base materials ready for reuse and ensures a zero percent land fill