Concept Management are specialist in recycling computer monitors, whether they are TFTs or CRTs. A CRT Is a Cathode Ray Tube and more information can be found on our CRT page. A TFT Monitor or to use its full name a ‘thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display’ are now used extensively at home, business and many other organisations.

They look fantastic and are great space savers compared to the old CRT monitors and like CRT monitors they are constantly subjected to toxicity and eco-toxicity testing for any hazard potential. The result is that are relatively safe but the CCFL backlights used in many LCD monitors contain mercury, which is toxic.

This means that computer monitor recycling is a specialist recycling process and means that they should be treated as hazardous waste. Our partner for the disposal of TFTs has made major investments in the recycling of hazardous substances and material commodities from televisions and computer monitors.

These investments enable our experts to recycle the glass found in TV screens and computer monitors in a closed-loop solution, and to manufacture new products from the recyclate. When we recycle monitors, other materials, such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, are also recovered for recycling, and every step of the dismantling process is conducted in full accordance with all relevant UK and EU safety legislation.

Flat Panel Display
They also lead the way in Flat Panel Display (FPD) LCD recycling, raising the standard for British hazardous waste recycling once more. Fully trained operators use their expertise to create a closed-loop recycling solution and offer:

Integrated recycling and waste management solutions under one roof and achieve 94% recycle rate. Concept provide tailored reporting requirements suited to your business needs with full waste auditing services. For computer monitor disposal, we provide a national service, delivered locally at high environmental standards, with ISO accreditations.

Our facility boasts safe working practices, based on CHAS Health and Safety management systems We can demonstrate a reduced carbon footprint: recycled materials used in onward manufacturing processes use far less energy and water than virgin materials and an enhanced CSR agenda, enabling your business to make a positive environmental, social and economic impact with no effect on your day-to-day operations