IT Disposal

One of the fastest expanding stream of UK waste is IT. Consumers frequently change their computer and the computer waste mountain builds and builds. Millions of obsolete IT items are discarded each year.

A first rate IT disposal service

IT equipment should never be thrown out because they often contain toxic substances. IT waste often ends up in the developing world. Concept offers a IT recycling service for corporate, educational and governmental bodies throughout the United Kingdom. We ensure …..

Resources are extracted from obsolete or faulty IT stock. We also re-use IT components deemed to have residual life. Hard disks are fully erased.

WEEE legislation and IT disposal

New legislation came into force in 2007 to cover waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). It is now a requirement that you obtain and keep proof that your IT WEEE was given to a IT waste management and recycling company such as Concept, and was treated and disposed of in an environmentally sound way. The regulations have significant implications those who treat or recover IT WEEE, and stipulate that users must store, collect, treat, recycle and dispose of IT WEEE separately from other waste.